Task Manager

The Web's Very Own To-Do List

Now with an updated and revamped UI, Task Manager is easier to use than ever.

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Google Charts

Task Manager features now Google Charts, a chart generation utility that allows the dynamic production of high quality charts on the fly. This means that you can have a real-time visual representation of your productivity

The chart shows:

  • Tasks Completed On Time
  • Tasks Completed Early
  • Tasks Completed Late
  • Incomplete Tasks

Responsive Interface

The Task Manager interface has undergone a complete re-vamp, and now features a responsive grid system from Bootstrap.

This means that it will even fit on the screen of your smart phone without a dedicated mobile site! (Go on - try it!)

Public Tasks

Got a classmate that doesn't have an account on Task Manager? Not a problem, simply set your task to public, send them the link and they can see it too without logging in! (although they can sign up here if they want to)

The Colour Coded List

Unlike some other to-do list apps out there, Task Manager uses a colour coding system which allows you to easily see when your tasks are running late.